Disabled Parking Bays

The importance of respecting Disabled Parking Bays, were would one start?

If I get up to be somewhere at a certain time, I plan everything in advance, I turn up where I'm supposed to be and the disabled parking space is been used by someone who is not the holder of a parking badge. They think it’s only a few minutes till I pop in and out. So i have to search for a space were I might just fit to unload myself and my chair.

I might not fit and have to keep searching till I squeeze myself in somewhere. Then you have to unload and transfer from the car to your chair which is dangerous when you are pinched in and don't have enough room and you're just hoping mid-move you don't slide and hit the mud.

By the time you’re out and in your chair, the “just one minute parker” is back and wondering why you’re angry and telling you to chill it's not the end of the world. They are not the one that's late for their meeting with dirt on their clothes after falling and probably scratched bloody knuckles from trying to maneuver out of a regular sized parking space in a wheelchair. You’re just glad you’re not seriously hurt.

This is why these spaces are so important to me and others. People need to realise everyone that has a disability are different and need the use of them for different reasons. If these designated spaces are not available some might not even make that appointment and have to turn and go home.

Mairead Meehan



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September 19, 2019

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